Upgrade Membership with Coupon (PAYPAL/Bank Card)

Buy Coupon

We are very happy that you have more payment options, convenient and fast, you can self-upgrade your membership, support Paypal and credit/debit cards.

90-day membership requires purchasing 2 coupons

Buy TakeFile Premium

If you cannot purchase a coupon, you can purchase a TakeFile Premium membership, but you need to send an email to linsemao.com@gmail.com or leave a message TakeFile membership type you purchased and your TakeFile username.

Support more payment methods.

Please note that it may take 10 minutes to 10 hours to wait for the administrator to upgrade your membership, depending on whether it is working hours.

Purchase a TakeFile 30-day Premium membership and you will get a 20-day LINSEMAO membership.

Purchase a TakeFile 90-day Premium membership and you will get a 50-day LINSEMAO membership.

Purchase a TakeFile 365-day Premium membership and you will get a 90-day LINSEMAO membership, which allows you to download LINSEMAO videos.

How to use coupons

NOTE: The coupons in the article are examples only and are not valid coupons

1.You will go to Takefile to purchase coupons, after the purchase is complete, download the coupon. Please copy the coupon inside the red box.


2.Purchase the corresponding membership in LINSEMAO and use the coupon in the shopping cart.

3.Then click Proceed to Checkout to complete the order. Your membership will be automatically upgraded.

Please Note: If you buy a 90-day membership, you need to buy 2 parts, then combine the 2 parts coupons. The order is part1+part2. So after the merger is: 861T5810C37181QR2UKFI